Art Contest

Title: Man and Owl
Artist name: bidala
Technique: digital painting
Concept: Human who hide under mask feel free more to do anything meanwhile animal always feel free to do anything with or without mask.

Title: Girl behind mask
Artist name: cartoonculture
Technique: digital painting
Concept: behind the mask as if Every success has a young woman behind it. Always keep pushing for every job to be successful. figuratively in Thai “ แม่งาน “ is the one who plans everything

Title: The power of spirit

Artist name: StoeyP

Technique: digital painting

Concept: The flower mask represents the soul of the flower. She gives people positive energy and is ready to protect everyone with the power of warmth.

Title: Secret love

Artist name: GorgeousP

Technique: digital collage

Concept: Inspired by Secret love song from Little mix “And nobody knows I’m in love with someone’s baby I don’t wanna hide us away Tell the world about the love we making”

Title: Masque
Artist Name: Bright Me to the Moon
Technique: Digital Collage
Concept: The combination of the art: the elements and ideas of this piece are inspired from the many styles of art.

Title: Dance to the beat

Artist name: Moonmachineart Technique: Digital paint / Animation gif

Title: The Story Of Miko

Artist Name: PLYNN

Technique: Color Pencil Concept: The Story Of MIKO MIKO was born in Osaka, Japan. Her parents died when she was four, so she lives with a white fox named WINTER. One day when MIKO was thirteen years old, 2 hunters got into the jungle then KILL Winter! Miko cries for hours but then she have an idea, she use Winter’s head into a Japan mask to reminisce Winter! But then she started to be a thief because when Winter died she don’t really know how to survive! One year later, because Miko is a thief so she stole many people things so people call her……. Shiro no Kitsune or White fox in Japanese!

Title: A Shadow Of His Former Self
Artist name: Hugo Dias
Technique: 3D
Concept: Unable to enter the dream of mortal beings or shapeshift as in times past, a skilled ancient warrior wears his mask to remember the time he punished proud priests and arrogant samurai.

Title: Kamakiri-mempo AKA Man’iita

Artist name: El Datu

Technique: Digital Art

Concept: “Whomsoever dons the Kamakiri-mempo will channel great courage and fearlessness, but also immense cruelty and mercilessness – its powers only harnessed and heightened in the possession of a woman.”. Reminiscent of the Kaijus and antagonists of the Japanese shows of my childhood. Rendered it with halftones as if printed for the daily paper.

Title: RB of The Mask

Artist name: RBNeallaen

Technique: Color pencil & Digitalizing

Concept: The spiritual mask of creatures and nature in royal blue color.

Title: the Darling Mask

Artist name: Rin Vanderhaeghe Technique: digital painting

Concept: I wanted to make a mask in my own style and wanted to include a nature type theme. She has magical face paint ribbons, and her flowers are always in bloom.

Title: Human Bad Side Artist

Name: Arissu

Technique: Collage

Concept: Here I tell 2 sides of humans who are contradictory to each other. where before he became a bad person, he was often abused and exiled. where there are several elements such as flowers, birds, rainbows and others that symbolize freedom or joy but he still cries because in his heart there is still a deep hatred for someone and ends up being a bad person. where this Demon Oni mask laughs like a bad person. above his head is hatred for someone who has hurt him and on the right is a hand pulling the earth symbolizing one’s desire to rule the world at all costs.

Title: Skelly Tezumura Tribute
Artist Name: MykNash
Technique: Digital Painting
Concept: Skelly makes an epic quest to the Ukiyo-verse for a raging Tezumura music festival, is accepted with open arms and becomes an honorary Villager!!

Title: Japanese Mask Spider Crab

Artist name: kopitalis

Technique: digital painting

Concept: After being killed by the youthful warrior, Jorōgumo joining the other Villagers of Tezumura. In the land where people have fun and extraordinary life.

Title: Hiro
Artist name: Balada Perupa
Technique: digital painting
Concept: This work tells about a hero and a painter from my country (Indonesia), namely Raden Saleh, he is a painter who fought for Indonesian independence from Dutch colonialism, he criticized the Dutch government at that time through his paintings.

Title: Ghost Party

Artist name: mismar___

Technique: Digital Painting

Concept: Mythological creatures in this modern era are like minority groups in the world. They sometimes can’t show themselves as they are. They must wear their masks in order to get along and be accepted by the peoples (general public). But on the one hand, there were times when mythological creatures feasted on festivals and could show themselves. Even though it was only one night of celebration, they were truly happy. As for the art style, this work is inspired by Henri Matisse’s paper collage. From his work, I developed it. My current works are mostly spontaneous and based on flat colors. sometimes (some people say) my work looks like prehistoric paintings on cave walls.

Title : The twin pricess
Artist name : NATPICHAIRAT
Technique : hand drawing and digital painting
Concept : Princess Crane and the mysterious wolf mask In the cherry blossom garden, the bright and mysterious girl Elegance and perfect fit

Title : Kaminari (かみなり)

Artist name : Cubehead

Technique : Digital Painting

Concept : Once upon a time there was a very powerful samurai with his legendary sword technique called Kaminari, one of the Tezumura sword techniques, he could even control a lightning dragon with his katana.

Title: Giant in the Water
Artist name: Retro Manni
Technique: Digital Painting
Concept: Feudal Japan. A shogun and his retainers accidentally awaken a heavily armoured alien being who has been buried for 1000s of years. They attempt to capture him with their primitive weapons but have no idea what they’re up against.

Title: The Sin Lady

Artist Name: NRN

Technique: 3D

Concept: The hannya lady is here to sin. Inspired by the Hanna mask that represents a jealous female demon. Combining with traditional Japanese elements and sci-fi essence.

Title: Legendary Samurai
Artist Name: WMW
Technique: Digital Painting
Concept: Legendary samurai warrior Has the versatility as not defeated, will not be visible to anyone effortlessly, and looks mysterious, so it is the legend’s origin. It is photographed through the artist’s signature lines and combined with highly detailed calligraphy. Ready to convey Japanese feelings to the people of Tezumura to absorb in this event.

Title: The Legacy Of Shi
Artist name: GraxRock_
Technique: DIgital Painting
Concept: Samurai in Japan is usually a man. The depiction of women as a samurai is a form of female emancipation. Women are always treated as second-class citizens than to men. The depiction of female characters as samurai is certainly not just fanart but also wants to show women also fighting for gender equality. A firm and dashing pose depicts women as well as men. Then the background image in the form of waves is likened to the spirit of women in fighting for gender equality.

Title: Meli’s Chaotic Tezumura

Artist: Melivoros

Technique: Inks on paper and digital manipulation

Concept: One of the crazy spirits that drops out of Meli’s brain during a chaotic day fighting toxic reality.

Title: The Vengeful Ghosts of the Heike Clan

Artist name: Arttle123

Technique: Digital Painting

Concept: Expressing the vengeful ghosts of the Heike Clan on the back of Tomomori.

Title: Sweet Girl

Artist name: Mari Migraine

Technique: Digital Painting

Concept: We are all cheeky lil yokai artists hiding behind our art (I’m sure most know but anyway – Yōkai (妖怪, “strange apparition”) are a class of supernatural entities and spirits in Japanese folklore. The word yōkai is composed of the kanji for “attractive; calamity” and “apparition; mystery; suspicious. Yokai are not literally demons in the Western sense of the word, but are instead spirits and entities, whose behaviour can range from malevolent or mischievous to friendly, fortuitous, or helpful to humans).

Title: A Passion for the Arts and for Tezos

Artist name: 0xsurreallx

Technique: Digital Painting

Title: The girl who hides the sorrow

Artist name: MIYAJI

Technique: pixel art

Concept: The girl who hides her sadness under the mask of a fox that has been added to collapse because she bears her sorrow.

Title: Silly Mask

Artist name: MAXI_MAGGI

Technique: Digital Painting Concept: It’s just a spirit Cute fox that comes in the form of a mask

Title: Kaori

Artist Name: Leilarts’💛#9035

Technique: Hand drawing and digital painting

Concepts: The Story of Kaori and Yuma Kaori was a famous fashion model for over 20 years in her timeline and she just wanna be young all the time but as all human being she couldn’t do that. After her last fashion photoshooting experience she had been looking for a solution to never getting old.

Title: Rise Of The Nothstar

Artist name: kasandra_nft

Technique: DIgital Painting

Concept: I’ve seen the world when I wasn’t a legend. Seeing the existence of all makes choices everytime, everyday, every where and choices that are inevitable. the future, not the past. watch, learn, get it. A legend is not from myself but a legend comes from the name of people who see your abilities.

Title: M.A.S.K.

Artist name: EXPigeon

Technique: Pixel art (with Digital Bird hand)

Concept: Many human had many face since “Beginning” Anyone or anywho never know the “Inner” Seem this “Role” got something to play. Kinda weird to say, Shall we “Dance” ?

Title: the fox boy Artist name : limemon

Technique : digital painting / frame by frame animation Concept : He hiding his face with kitsune mask and ready to plug your heart by flower of blood

Title: Torii Gate of the Demon

Artist name: rinrinarts

Technique: Digital Paiting

Concept: My take on the theme “Japanese Mask” and i decided to pick Hannya as the source of evil and malice. Mixed with retro anime artstyle with vivid color

Title: The forgotten mask

Artist name: KATMIiB11

Technique: Digital painting

Concept: A kitsune mask abandoned in the deep sea

Title: “Little cat want to be Yakuza”

Artist Name: Animal Girl Round

Technique: Digital painting

Title: Sakuran Planet

Artist name: eggplant planet

Technique: Digital painting

Concept: The confusing dimensions, the underground form, the airlessness, only the taste of oriental, the glittering thatch that qualifies to soar on the planet

Title: NO Mask No.0

Artist name: Nemu Cat

Technique: Pixel Animation

Concept: What is behind the mask… You don’t want to know it

Title: What the Hell?

Artist: MelonBlossom

Technique: digital painting / frame by frame animation

Concept: What the hell beneath my white face? Inspired by one prostitute in Japan

Title: TezumuRaareepaa

Artist :

Technique: Digital Watercolor

Concept: Raareepaa with Cloud and Star Theme draw in Old Japanese Art style

Title: Aka-Oni
Artist: Zheanhmeart
Technique: Digital painting
Concept: Inspired by Geisha and Hannya-mask.Mystery girl and mysterious mask. the legend said that when she wore a mask She will become a Aka-oni.

Title: Cursed Mark

Artist: Gui.Dekk

Technique: Digital illustration

Concept: A broken curse mark crawling on Karen Mask comes with the power of eternal beauty but at the cost of losing will to the demon

Title: “Night summer”

Artist: Metbanna

Technique: pixel art

Concept: You met up with me inside a dream night summer.

Title: Rich Man Samurai

Artist Name : Dekdesign9

Technique: Digital Painting

Concept: Rich Man Samurai Japanese Ghost Hunter

Title: Vending Machine _ The Mask Artist Name: eddga

Technique: Pixel Art

Concept: The Popular Japanese Mask in the Vending machine ready for purchase

Title: Raijin Dragon

Artist Name: Aris | UniverseNaga

Technique: Digital Painting

Concept: inspired by the legend of Japanese mythological “Kaminari-sama” who is usually described as having a fierce and aggressive face, I describe a fierce expression and aggressive nature with a dragon, because the dragon itself has a fierce and aggressive nature and also in most mythological stories the dragon is depicted as a god, a sacred animal or guardian.

Title: Theatre Art

Artist name: dxd

Technique: Digital Drawing

Concept: I saw a lot about Japanese Culture and this one catch my eye. The beauty of the characters and story of the Japanese Theatre.

Title: Doubting Toomasa

Artist : weakchar

Technique: Digital Collage & Animation

Concept: Based on Apostle Thomas, enhanced in Japanese Female Samurai Style

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